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Designer Shapes

Things to know:  In this section you will find common and unique shapes.

If you do not find the shape that you are looking for, please contact us.

You may search the document by shape and /or size.

We may not have anything available

Shape Key:

HT = Heart (includes: Semi-Heart) 
KS = Keystone (includes: Flap, Bellied Keystone, Tapered 1/2 Rod) 
MN = Moon (includes: 1/2 Moon, 3/4 Moon, Crescent Moon) 
MQ = Marquise 
MS = Miscellaneous (includes: Ax, Hexagon, Diamond, Shield, Boomerang, Freeform, etc.) 
OV = Oval 
PS = Pear Shape 
RD = Round 
RN = Roundel (drilled through disc) 
RT = Rectangle (includes: Barrel, Antique Rectangle, Arch, Octagon, 1/2 Rod) 
SQ = Square (includes: Antique Square, Rounded Square) 
TG = Tongue 
TR = Triangle (includes: Trillion, Sail, Fan, Soft Triangle, Pie) 

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